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How safe is work with Any.Money?

About Any.Money
Any.Money is developed by FinTech professionals. The total experience of our team is 8 years. And thanks to this, we have taken into account all possible subtleties and nuances associated with online payments/transfers while creating the service. We paid special attention to safety.

How is the Any.Money account protected on the merchant's side?

1. First, of course, we provided the ability enabling 2-Factor Authentication / 2FA protection for your Any.Money account. There are many varieties of 2FA, we have ensured the following types:

- Email 2 Factor Auth.;
- Google Authenticator;
- Telegram;

2. Implemented binding of an account to trusted IP addresses (in your personal account);

3. Any.Money is PCI DSS lvl 1 certified;

4. Configurable range without actions in the personal account settings, with automatic end of the session (from 5 minutes to 10 hours);

5. Possibility activating and disabling several active sessions under one account;

Moreover, we are constantly working on improvements and soon the list of options for configuring additional precautions will be expanded.